When to hire Professionals

You value simplicity:

Let the doctors do the doctoring, the lawyers do the lawyering, and of course the movers do the moving!


You’re time is worth something:

Lets assume your time is worth about 25$/hr. You have a 1 bedroom appartment.

The steps to move a 1 bedroom appartment may look like this

  1. drive to rental lot, rent a truck, maybe rent or buys some moving supplies because     you would like the job to be done properly and not take any longer than necessary,     drive back home, find somewhere to park.
  2. begin loading the truck with the help of a friend who is equally capable and also      worth 25$/hr. do this properly, it would be unfortunate for anything to break in       transit
  3. Once properly packed and completed loading, drive to offload address
  4. Find somewhere to park, avoid infractions of any bylaw or strata authorities
  5. offload truck, maybe with a tight elevator booking time so it would have to be fast
  6. drive the truck back to the rental lot, but first fill it with fuel, probably diesal but make certain its the correct fuel as using the same fuel as your personal vehicle can destroy engines on another vehicle. now retrieve personal vehicle and drive back home
  7. hope you did not miss any damages to the rental equipment and do not get charged any additional fees

After spending all this time are you even saving money? you’re a professional, do what you do best and delegate the rest!


Your health is worth something:

Moving is hard work, movers who are in the industry for a long time are not normal people. Even if your physique is not lacking an you are physically capable of being a good mover it does take some practice and guidance. With the possibility of an injury are you even insured for if you get hurt on your own time?


You accept the fact that the last time you moved was 10 years ago:

Everyone gets older, in this case let the younger generation take care of you!

Moving is Easier Than You Think