Money exists for 2 reasons

  1. To spend
  2. To save

You can spend money on moving and you can also save it. Below follows some reasons to DIY and save that money.

You’re young and in college:

At this time in your life you have more friends than money..

you also probably collected your furniture from the alleyway nearby or for free somehow, in any case its intrinsic value is most likely to be low in general.


You Live on the first floor:

Great for 2 reasons!

– you do not require an elevator booking

– you do not need to traverse stairs

Bad for 2 reasons

– you’re still not a mover and the evidence of this will become apparent soon

– your move-in address may have stairs and an elevator


Your time is not worth very much:

We get it, but take care of yourself regardless. Getting in a rush and causing irreperable damage to your spine is not worth avoiding a strata fine or parking ticket!


You are insanely strong:

Movers can easily have 100X the experience in moving compared to someone who has never been employed as a mover. The techniques and finesse acquired in a relatively short amount of time in this profession yields drastically more efficient move times. The next best thing to professional movers are athletes who can make up for professionalism with sheer power!


It really is not all that much stuff:

All your stuff fits in a pickup box? In this case it comes down to vehicle rental and whether you are capable of renting or borrowing one. if its doable in 1 or 2 trips skip the professionals and get it done!

Moving is Easier Than You Think