vancouver mover

Are you looking for a fast paced, dynamic and unique job in the transportation industry?

Power Movers is for you!

Unlike many trucking jobs, you will almost always make it home to your family after a day’s work. Our clients will often reward our efforts with gratuities. And best of all, you will be kept in great shape pulling your weight with our team members!

The ideal candidates typically will exhibit these qualities:

  • Strong written and spoken English
  • Punctuality
  • Commitment to personal achievements outside of work

Some of the best benefits of being a mover:

  • Flexible work schedule (work when you are available)
  • You will inevitably increase your physical abilities in strength and endurance
  • Support: whether you stay for 2 months or 2 years, if you are great to work with you will always be invited back whether you need to make up that unexpected car repair bill or need to add part time hours to your full time schedule, Power Movers is here for you


    Upload your resume:

    Communicating about ideas can be a challenge. Tell us about a time when you've been able to make something complex more simple in order to aid decision making.

    They say quality is free, and its lack of quality that is expensive. When and how have you chosen to build quality in rather than going fast and then inspecting/checking afterwards? What was the work and what was the result of the effort?

    You’re going to be juggling many responsibilities at the same time in this role. Describe a situation when you have successfully managed multiple projects simultaneously.